Your site’s relevance and ability to retain visitors depend primarily on its SEO strength, especially when you have not much to spend on paid advertising. Even if you have a reasonable budget for paid adverts, it is not a crime to build organic traffic through top search engines like Google. According to Copyblogger research, over 80% of all visitors to a site reads only the headlines. Only 20% will read the article to the end. This fact ordinarily shows where your real work starts if you want your site to reach your potential audience. 

On the other hand, there are strategies to follow if you want your SEO to yield great results. These methods depend primarily on specific advanced tools that SEO agencies use in Sydney, some of which may not be ready to share with you. More so, as you learn about these tools, the experience will teach every other thing you need to optimize them in no time. Let us consider those advanced SEO tools for the best results.

Advanced SEO tools from top Agencies in Sydney

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a complete working suite for digital marketing. It gives free access to quite several helpful SEO features. This site has also gained more reputation from being a standard tool to one of the most advanced devices. Yet, it is ready to use and very satisfying for even newbies. Some of the top features include social media poster, competitor analysis, keyword research that shows the level of difficulty, and an entire site audit tool. The results you obtain from SEMrush can be enough to draw up outstanding achievements for your business in advanced SEO. 

  1. CoSchedule 

CoSchedule is one of the top brands that drive SEO success for similar top brands for Google Search Engine. One of the unique tools for this site is their free headline analyzer tool that can rate your headline between 1 and 100. The result helps determine how good it is for SEO and adds some tips to give you an SEO advantage. Also, it helps to evaluate the word balance to predetermine how your reader feels. Interestingly, this tool can compare your previous searches and headlines to the new ones you are creating. The result of using the CoScehdule tool is in creating a fantastic headline that can guide your readers into a well of information.  Click here to read about Actionable SEO Techniques for your SEO in Sydney.

  1. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator

Have you tried the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator before or the Buzzsumo tool? These two similar tools are exceptional when figuring out the following blog topic you should write. Of course, as site owners, we all get to a point where we don’t know what to write on, but that is why HubSpot created such a helpful tool. It is pretty easy to navigate through the input keyword combinations available to you and obtain 5 possible headlines thereby. When you get these suggested titles, it is then up to you to create new ideas from them or just use them as they are. You can also integrate this tool as one of the original keyword finders available to you or obtaining the most trendy long-tail keywords from them.

  1. Buzzsumo

Of course, we then get to the Buzzsumo, a tool that is in a class of its own. Some vital tools for the use of Buzzsumo may not be particularly unique in themselves. Still, they give you a good ground to begin. For instance, Buzzsumo has essential tools that allow you to search for trendy topics on most popular social media like Facebook and Twitter. More so, you can analyze these keywords’ viability by the number of shares and engagements they get online. This tool can analyze millions of headlines for you in just a few seconds. You can coin out a relevant SEO-driven topic. Amazingly, you can even search with the name of your competitors to get the information you need.

  1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking may not be the most popular advanced SEO tool out there, but it has its own unique features that set it above others. The primary benefit of using this tool is to get synonyms of your selected keywords to apply to your writing. Your titles must carry the right words synonymous with the main keyword in terms of the proper keyword research. In other words, this tool can produce excellent results in terms of the uniqueness of keywords and finding new long-tail keywords for your site. This tool is capable of keyword analysis with instant results, coupled with some incredible statistics. These statistics include monthly search volume, competition, suggested bid through CPC, ranking positions, KEI, etc.

  1. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel developed Ubersuggest as an advanced tool to solve many ooUbersuggest is more popular than many other mentioned tools here. Still, perhaps some people may not know all that Ubersugegst is capable of doing. For instance, apart from the standard SEO site audit, keyword research, and performance test for your site, Ubersuggest can also give you a general health score. The information on Ubersuggest can be convenient if you are relatively new to SEO. More so, the tool also has with it the ability to export reports and search results. By so doing, you can present the results and other forms of the data into a third-party analyzer or have a professional SEO take a look. 


The truth is, no single SEO tool, no matter how advanced, can give you all you need in just one package. Each of the tools above has peculiar features with which they beat many others. So, advisably, don’t solely rely on one of the tools and ignore the others. Instead, try your hands on a few to feel what they can do best and restrict your use of them in that area. For instance, CoSchedule is significant to analyze your headline if it scores well before you finally post it to your audience. Another tool such as Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner may be perfect for drawing up the latest trendy keywords to start your research with other related metrics. In all, after exploration, optimize your chances and see you at the top!